Our Story

VICINIA is a historic first for San Antonio: a 97-acre master-planned community, developed in true New Urbanist style, bringing a pedestrian-oriented, human-scale neighborhood to the city's booming far west side.


A tree-lined town square anchors the center of VICINIA. It is surrounded by retail, office and civic spaces, mixed with high-density, multi-family housing. Nearby, an integrated transit center is planned for the future, providing direct access in and out of this destination development.
Radiating out from the town square, residential development becomes less dense, with condominiums and townhomes transitioning seamlessly into the existing surrounding neighborhoods. Ample green space, in the form of parks, playgrounds, and greenways offers residents a variety of recreational opportunities. With wide, shady sidewalks, Vicinia is designed to be walkable by all ages. Dedicated bicycle lanes and ample parking integrate multimodal infrastructure support on thoughtfully designed roadways, laid out on a grid, with no dead ends or cul-de-sacs.

VICINIA aims to deliver on that promise, creating a thriving community for San Antonians seeking an integrated place to live, work, shop, and play.

Town Square

Vicinia is designed to be a true neighborhood, with the town square serving as the heart of the community. Alongside other green spaces and civic buildings, the square provides a communal space for farmers markets, food trucks, concerts, and events, with nearby access to a variety of transportation options. Commercial streets will frame this central plaza, with parallel parking in front of ground-floor businesses. Continuous, generous sidewalks around the plaza will separate traffic and pedestrians.


Streets designed for pedestrians and bicyclists, bordered by trees and radiating from the square will link Vicinia’s townhomes, apartments, and other residences with restaurants, shops, and parks—all within a quarter-mile radius. Near its core, Vicinia streets will distribute unhurried traffic to shops, restaurants, and high-density apartment and office space, while quieter, more narrow streets will connect less-dense housing and the surrounding neighborhoods. As Vicinia’s streets prioritize pedestrians, trees play a critical role. They will be placed in key locations to shade and cool walking paths, sitting and dining areas, and parking.


VICINIA's architectural design standards include all the hallmarks of New Urbanism—the human-scale, the accessibility, and the appeal—while also drawing on San Antonio’s 300 years of local building traditions, character, and climate. Buildings will use authentic materials–mostly masonry, and porches and balconies will be central, while garages are tucked away, encouraging community and connection. Commercial and office buildings will retain that accessibility, prioritizing human comfort and interaction.

Live. Work. Shop. Play.